Sunday, March 13, 2011

Different Versions of the Laughing Emoticon

Laughing is a visual expression that connotes an inward feeling of joy, happiness, or humor. While real laughter is typically accompanied by sound, most of the different laughing facebook chat emoticons online laugh in silence. People don’t seem to mind this. After all, the laughing emoticons mimic our facial gestures and body tics when laughing with great clarity.

We humans love to laugh simply because laughing makes us feel good. Whenever there’s an occasion for laughter, laughing facebook chat emoticons help communicate our inner feelings. Laughter is an audible physiological response to a stimulus. Jokes, funny quips, humorous situation, and being tickled are some of the stimuli that make us laugh. According to studies, adults, on the average, laugh 17 times a day! Online, there are countless versions of the laughing facebook emoticon to convey the depth of your happiness.

Facebook offers only one laughing emoticon face, which is created by typing in the shortcut code :D or :-D . This emoticon actually looks more like it is grinning th
an laughing.  That’s because it is a static emoticon, so you can’t really see any facial movement while it is laughing. The grinning facebook emoticon is best suited in describing situations where one feels amusement or enjoyment.

If you need more expressions, you can find many versions of laughing emoticon for Facebook on the web. Here are some of the most common ones:

Giggling face emoticon 
Giggling is a laughter that one attempts to suppress, resulting in short, spasmodic sounds. It is considered an adorable and bubbly type of laughter that is usually done by girls.

Hearty laugh smiley
The hearty laugh smiley is bursting with joy. It is used to convey deep happiness. This emoticon suits the occasion best when you discover something amusing or if you want to respond to a friend’s joke.
Rolling on the floor laughing emoticon
The ROFL smiley is a typically represented by a smiley face in a vertical position, laughing hard. This smiley image suggests a person in deep hilarity. This is the best response to a really funny joke.

Crying with laughter facebook emoticon
At first glance, this emoticon looks plain crazy for it is crying and laughing at the same time! This smiley face connotes someone who is extremely happy or relieved.
Facebook Laughing Text Emoticons
In addition to laughing graphic smiley emoticons for facebook, there are also many text laughing emoticons. XD text emoticon is the basic shortcut code for laughing emoticon. Use it to respond to a joke that made you laugh hard. LMAO emoticon is the abbreviation for ‘laughing my ass off’. LOL means ‘laughing out loud’. ROFLMAO means “rolling on the floor laughing my ass off”. Haha or he he text emoticon approximates the sounds we create when laughing.
Laughter, as saying goes, is the best medicine as it has been studied to reduce stress and provide good workout for the abs and heart. So go ahead, laugh to your heart’s content. Send laughing emoticons and start feeling good at once.

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